Monstercolors Prep Clean is a medium strength, anti static Preparatory Cleaning solvent for the degreasing of PVC and other plastic substrates such as bouncy castles, hgv truck curtains, boat covers....

Prep Cleaning Techniques.

The reason for pre-cleaning substrates that are to be coated is to remove grease, oil, silicones, wax & and any other contaminant. If this practice is omitted there is a significant risk that the subsequently applied coatings will suffer from a lack of adhesion.

Liberally spray the surface, wipe with a lint free cloth and clean / degrease the substrate. While the surface is still wet, apply a second clean, lint free cloth to remove the Prep Clean & contamination trapped within it.

Always use two cloths, as using only one will increase the chances of redistributing the surface contamination rather that removing it. Cloths for use with Prep Clean products should be replaced regularly and often to ensure that an efficient pre-cleaning process is maintained.

It is advisable to test pvc cleaner on a discreet area of your project firstly.

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Monster PVC Prep Cleaner

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